Albumin, sulfhydryl blocked, NZ-Origin

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Molar mass (M) ~66 000 g/mol
Storage temp. +4 °C
CAS No. [9048-46-8]
EG-Nr. 232-936-2


Monomeric albumin for all sensitive assays.
Heatshock albumin.
Constant properties over longer storage time.
Recommended if BSA with origin Australia or New Zealand is required.
Albumin, sulfhydryl blocked, NZ-Origin ≥98 %, for biochemistry and molecular biology

High quality albumin originating from Australia or New Zealand.
By blocking the thiol groups, the polymerisation of the albumin molecules is very efficiently prevented, which can occur during the storage of powder and solution and change the properties of the albumin. The albumin remains stable over time as a monomer and can, therefore, be used very well for reproducible laboratory assays. Due to its low IgG and protease content, the albumin is excellent for all immunoassays such as WESTERN or ELISA and as a stabilising reagent for proteins, antibodies etc. Furthermore, the Albumin, sulfhydryl-blocked, NZ-Origin is recommended for all thiol or sulfur sensitive assays.


For purification of this Albumin an extensive heat-shock/diafiltration method is used, which has been shown to bring more highly purified products than the standard process acc. to Cohn. The process is taking place in a closed system.

Tested for the absence of detectable free sulfhydryl groups.