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- GHS, CLP tags / labels

In addition to offering chemical substances and supplies for the laboratory, we can also print labels for your products that meet the legal standards for labeling chemicals. Our labels are made of high-quality plastic and resistant to weather, moisture and most chemicals. The adhesive strength is high, which guarantees a tight finish. Because our printer has a high dpi, even the smallest print is still available. Labels can be ordered from 1 piece. For more information and the possibilities, please contact us or click here for more information


- Packaging of Chemicals / OEM

The repacking and packaging of chemical substances entails a lot of risk, because of our extensive experience with the packaging of chemical substances, this is a service that we can provide. This can be done in combination with the delivery of the packaging and label, from 1 gram to 25 kilograms. We can pack almost any class of fabric for you. We can also store your products at favorable rates and deliver them on demand or deliver them directly from our storage to your customers. Inquire about the possibilities and discover what we can do for you.


- Custom MSDS

When you sell chemical substances to companies, you are obliged to make / provide an MSDS (safety data sheet). Software and knowledge to create these sheets can be expensive. Because we have both, we can offer them cheaply and quickly and in almost any language. An MSDS with its own logo and company information looks a lot more professional to the customer and because your own information is on the safety data sheets, there is a greater chance that customers will place a follow-up order. We can prepare and make your MSDS for a friendly price. Contact us for more information.


- Chemistry support

Do you need help with chemical matters such as making chemical calculations, synthesis routes, drawing molecules or other questions / help regarding complex chemical matter, then that is a service that we are happy to help you with. You can contact us about the matter, after which our trained staff will investigate the complexity so that we can make you a suitable price offer.


- Chemical analysis

Do you have a substance of which you doubt the purity or do you want to know what the purity and impurities of a substance are. We can help you with this. We can perform various types of analysis with report for you, for example we can perform analyzes on purity, contamination of, for example, the amount of heavy metals. The type of analysis differs per substance and impurities to be measured, which means that the price may differ per analysis, making this a service that we can only offer you after approval. You can request a quote here


- ADR advice

Sending hazardous substances involves many risks and is subject to strict regulations. Due to the large number of rules, it is understandable that you are unsure whether you are doing this correctly. To be on the safe side, it is therefore wise to seek advice from an independent party who can assist you with this. Thanks to our years of experience and trained staff, we can help you with any ADR-related issue. From choosing the right packaging to sending full pallets of hazardous substances. Click here for more information


- Advice on storage of hazardous substances / PGS15

There is also a lot involved in the storage of hazardous substances and it is a process in which many mistakes can quickly be made that can have serious consequences. It is therefore wise to seek advice from a third party to ensure that the storage complies with PGS15. Our experts can assist you with this and come up with solutions to store all products in the right way.


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