Microscopes and other optical instruments

Microscopes are optical instruments used to magnify small objects that are too small to view with the human eye or that you want to see in greater detail. With a microscope or other optical instrument, the original size of a particular object can be increased hundreds or thousands of times. This allows the object or material to be viewed and / or examined in detail.

Microscopes for different purposes

Medicine, healthcare and other biology-based sectors and studies such as biomedical sciences, biophysics, forensic sciences and microbiology are perhaps the most anticipated studies and areas to use microscopes. In this sector, microscopes are mainly used to study objects and samples, such as cell properties, fibers and other cell materials.

Although microscopes and other optical instruments were initially used for chemical and medical applications in science, today they are used in many more industries and areas. For example, they are used in geological science, pharmaceuticals, quality assurance, but also in education in fields such as biology, chemistry and physics.

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When purchasing a microscope, it is important that you have the goal in mind. What do you want to use the microscope or other optical instrument for? Is it intended for education in schools or for specific applications in laboratories, industry or science? Or are you perhaps looking for accessories for your optical instruments?

Be well informed about the different types of microscopes, optical instruments and their specifications. So take a look at our offer and read the specifications of the articles carefully. If you have any questions or if you are looking for a specific item, our customer service will be happy to help. Feel free to contact us by phone on +31 255 700 210 or send an email to [email protected]


In the range you will find an extensive range of microscopes, optical instruments and accessories / accessories:

Microscopes for education including microscopes for biology, stereomicroscopes and other digital solutions for educational purposes
Laboratory microscopes including microscopes for biology, fluorescence microscopes, stereo microscopes and other digital solutions for laboratories

Microscopes for industry including stereo microscopes, material science microscopes and other digital solutions for industry

Other optical instruments - such as refractometers, polarimeters & spectroscopes and pathology scanners

Accessories and accessories for optical instruments - such as illumination, dissection instruments, handheld microtomes, microscope slides, microscope slides & coverslips and dissolved dyes

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