Albumin, fatty acid-free, NZ-Origin

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Molar mass (M) ~66 000 g/mol
Storage temp. +4 °C
CAS No. [9048-46-8]
EG-Nr. 232-936-2


Suitable as blocking or stabilising reagent in all fatty acid-sensitive assays.
Heatshock albumin.
Recommended if BSA with origin Australia or New Zealand is required.
Albumin, fatty acid-free, NZ-Origin ≥98 %, fatty acid-free, for biochemistry and molecular biology

Highly pure albumin, prepared from blood of cattle certified for origin from Australia or New Zealand.
Albumin, fatty acid-free, NZ-Origin, may well be used for blocking of all assays regarding membrane proteins, or other approaches aiming for fatty acid-associated proteins. It is also well suited for stabilisation of antibodies, enzymes or fatty acids. Albumin, fatty acid-free, NZ-Origin, shows exceedingly low content of endotoxins and IgGs, making it a useful reagent for cell biology also.
The Albumin, fatty acid-free, NZ-Origin is particularly recommended when procedural regulations require the use of albumin of guaranteed origin Australia or New Zealand.


For purification of this Albumin an extensive heat-shock/diafiltration method is used, which has been shown to bring more highly purified products than the standard process acc. to Cohn. The process is taking place in a closed system.


Tested for very low fatty acid concentration.

Available in large bulk format on request.