Diethyl phthalate

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Diethyl phthalate is an organic compound from the group of phthalates, which is in the form of a colorless liquid.

Diethyl phthalate can be prepared by reacting phthalic anhydride with ethanol in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid as a catalyst.

Diethyl phthalate is a colorless, almost odorless liquid. It has a viscosity of 12-14 mPas at 20 ° C. The vapors are eight times heavier than air.

As a plasticizer, diethyl phthalate affects some plastics.

Diethyl phthalate is used as a formulation aid for pesticides and as a fixative for fragrances and for denaturing ethanol (also in fragrances and cosmetics, which is subsequently declared as alcohol denat.). It is also a very good gelling, lightfast plasticizer for cellulose esters, it is also used as a plasticizer for cellulose-based lacquer binders and in enteric coatings for pharmaceuticals. In addition, it is in cosmetic products for its film-forming, softening and hair conditioning properties. Another possible application of DEP is its use as a carrier in the dyeing process of cellulose acetate or triacetate fibers.

Diethyl phthalate is also used as a solvent for chemicals for chemiluminescent chemicals such as TCPO

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