Sodium metasilicate

Sodium metasilicate is the chemical substance with formula Na2SiO
, which is the main component of commercial sodium silicate solutions. It is an ionic compound consisting of sodium cations Na+ and the polymeric metasilicate anions [–SiO2−3–]n. It is a colorless crystalline hygroscopic and deliquescent solid, soluble in water (giving an alkaline solution), but not in alcohols.


Sodium Metasilicate reacts with acids to produce silica gel.

  • Cements and Binders - dehydrated sodium metasilicate forms cement or binding agent.
  • Pulp and Paper - sizing agent and buffer/stabilizing agent when mixed with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Soaps and Detergents - as an emulsifying and suspension agent.
  • Automotive applications - decommissioning of old engines (CARS program), cooling system sealant, exhaust repair.
  • Egg Preservative - seals eggs increasing shelf life.
  • Crafts - forms "stalagmites" by reacting with and precipitating metal ions.
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