The ampoule is a container for medicines, usually for parenteral administration (injection), for cosmetics and other substances. There are different types and shapes of containers called ampoules. The material used is usually glass, less often plastic. The material used for production may be colorless or colored (e.g. brown glass) to ensure better durability of photosensitive content as light protection.
The sterile drugs are often solutions for injection (eg liquid vaccines, isotonic saline). But it can also be powder (eg freeze-dried vaccines). The ampoules usually contain a single dose, i.e. H. all contents are intended for a single injection. The nominal volume is usually 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 ml. The larger volumes are usually intended for multiple injection doses, e.g. B. ten cans. The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) sets special requirements for containers for injection solutions, e.g. B. the quality of the glass.
Cosmetic preparations in ampoules are also produced. These are for external use. The entire contents of an ampoule are used for one application. This makes dosing easier and the preparation cannot be contaminated by multiple use from one container.
Dietary Supplements
Dietary supplements in the form of the drinking ampoule are also produced, e.g. B. with 20 ml content. One ampoule corresponds to one application. This allows easy dosing and prevents contamination from multiple use.
One type of ampoule is also used as a container for industrially produced standard solutions for titrations, e.g. B. with 100 ml content. The entire contents of the ampoule are completely transferred to a volumetric flask and made up to the prescribed volume to obtain a precisely concentrated volumetric solution. Even very aggressive or toxic chemicals (eg bromine or sulfur trioxide) are often melted down into glass ampoules for safe handling and so that they only come into contact with glass. Sulfur trioxide would attack or diffuse through all plastics.

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