Volumetric flasks

Volumetric flasks are mainly used for preparing and storing volumetric solutions with very accurate concentrations. Because they are calibrated for inlet (or pouring), they are not volumetric devices.

Volumetric flasks have no graduations, but a single ring mark drawn all the way around the neck to avoid reading errors. The fill is correct when the lower meniscus of the fluid touches the ring mark, as is common with burettes. Looking straight into the volumetric flask, the lowest bulge of the fluid (meniscus) should be directly on the ring mark. Water is always pushed slightly upwards by bonding forces with the edges of the glass so that the average surface area of ​​the liquid is selected for the reading. The volumetric flasks are calibrated by the manufacturer at a water temperature of 20°C. Water has the highest density (ρ = 1,000 g/cm³) at 4°C, at 20°C the density is slightly lower than at 4°C. Class A flasks give the most accurate results (up to 1/4000 accuracy). However, there are also class B volumetric flasks, which also achieve a high degree of accuracy. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be deviations.

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