IKA Pette fix 100 µl

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Lies comfortably in your hand with uncompromising precise performance: The IKA PETTE fix single-channel pipettes are used for many different applications in the modern laboratory. Color-coding simplifies rapid selection of the right pipette. The impact-resistant, UV-resistant and chemically resistant conical tip ensures reliable metering in the long-term.

Improved ergonomics as a result of replaceable handles
IKA pipettes include three interchangeable handles in various different shapes and materials in the delivery. The choice of the right handle for your particular hand means that the pipette can be adapted to suit your individual requirements. This ergonomic optimization permits comfortable and wrist-friendly working, and ensures that the pipette sits in your hand perfectly in daily use for easy grasping of the working points. Precise and repeatable results are thus guaranteed.

Straightforward ejection of the tip of the pipette
After the pipetting process, the tip of the pipette is ejected quickly and without time-consuming hand repositioning simply by pressing the central multifunction button. The round design means that the single-handed ejection works equally for both right-handed and left-handed users.

Robust and smooth
The piston and tip cone are made from DLC-coated stainless steel. DLC stands for diamond like carbon and is a diamond-like type of carbon which exhibits high levels of wear and corrosion resistance, together with particular hardness and low frictional indices. The DLC coating means that the tip cone is particularly insensitive and also ensures that the tips of the pipettes are always in perfect condition and are securely seated, without leaks. The extremely good anti-friction properties of the DLC also mean that the pipette will only need to be re-greased on rare occasions. The benefit of the coating for the user is primarily the consistent and low level of force required when absorbing and discharging the liquid to be pipetted.

Maintenance-friendly, process-secure and easy to clean
Regular cleaning and maintenance of the pipette guarantees a long service life for the product. The volume unit with piston and seal can be replaced completely in just a few hand movements. The equally simple assembly is acknowledged audibly by a click and is thus process-secure.

Simplified acquisition, documentation and monitoring
Acquisition, documentation and monitoring of equipment and processes is of great importance in most laboratories. The serial number of the IKA PETTE can be scanned from a QR Code on the housing, easily and without transfer errors. The serial number and the pipette are thus uniquely linked.

Can be autoclaved at 121°C
The IKA PETTE is ideally suited to heat and high-pressure sterilization. Thanks to its simple construction, the pipette can be cleaned and autoclaved either in complete or in dismantled state.

Large range of pipette tips
All the PETTE fix and vario models are compatible with pipette tips from most manufacturers. Pipette tips having the standard color codes gray, yellow, and blue always fit on our pipettes, marked accordingly. This means that there is a wide range of pipette tips to choose from and you can rest assured that only suitable tips are fitted.


Design Air displacement piston-operated pipette
Handling mechanical
Volume fix
Number of channels 1
Colour Code Yellow
Nominal volume 100 µl
Accuracy with nominal volume 0.6 ±µl
Accuracy with nominal volume 0.6 ±%
Precision with nominal volume 0.2 ±µl
Precision with nominal volume 0.2 ±%
Certificate of confirmity according to ISO 8655 yes
Autoclavable yes
Piston material stainless steel DLC coated
Dimensions (W x H x D) 30 x 248 x 63 mm
Weight 0.085 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
Permissible relative humidity 90 %


IKA Pipettes Documents for Qualification (IQ/ OQ) LAB

Documents for Qualification (IQ/ OQ) LAB

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Proprietary Calibration Certificate/ LAB

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