Q: What is the delivery time for my order?

A: The delivery time depends on the stock of the product, delivery time is displayed and the '' details '' tab of the product. For products in the "private label products" category, they are almost always in stock and shipped the same (working) day before 3:00 PM. The delivery time per product is displayed in the shopping cart.

If you have ordered different products, it may be that they have different delivery times, always use the longest delivery time which is stated in the shopping cart.

For larger orders or on request, we will send partial shipments, whereby products that are in stock are sent the same day and the rest sent with the delivery time indicated in the shopping cart.

The delivery time of ADR shipments can sometimes be a little longer than standard shipments, this usually takes + - 1 day longer.

When your order has been shipped, you will automatically receive an email with a tracking code with which you can track the shipment. Keep in mind that the tracking code sometimes doesn't work until later in the evening when the shipments have passed the scanner in the sorting center.


Q: What is the shipping cost for my order?

A: The shipping costs depend on the nature of the goods and the weight, the standard shipping costs for the Netherlands and Belgium are 6 euros.

For shipments over 25 kg, a surcharge applies, depending on the country

ADR shipments cost 20 euros.

The shipping costs are automatically calculated at the checkout of your order.


Q: How do I know if my shipment should be ADR or standard?

A: For most products standard shipping applies for packages of 1 Kg / L or smaller. This is per package and therefore means that 10 x 1 Liter can be sent as standard and 1 x 10 L ADR must be sent. In some cases this means that it is cheaper to order multiple packs of 1L instead of a larger pack.

Non-chemical products are always sent at the standard rate.

When an order contains combined products, the highest shipping rate will always be applied if applicable.


Q: Can I order chemicals as a private individual?

A: Yes this is allowed, but please note that certain rules apply to private individuals that do not apply or apply less to companies.

For private individuals, we always use a "normal quantity" "logically or normally as an order. Quantity restrictions apply to certain products, this depends on the products and is always stated with the product information. For certain products or quantities, we ask you to complete an end-user statement, this can apply to both companies or individuals.

We always report suspicious transactions to Customs / FIOD


Q: What is a suspicious order / transaction?

A: You should imagine this as "" which is a logical amount for the application; "" You can imagine that a private individual does not need 200 Liters of acetone, and because this is a registered substance it is considered a suspicious transaction. A combination of products can also be considered suspicious, and recurring orders can also stand out, for example a customer who orders an amount of liters of registered substance every few days without a logical explanation.


Q: is it possible to collect products?

A: This is not possible for private individuals, this is possible for business customers, however, it must be authenticated and paid via PIN, we do not accept cash payments. For business take-out it is always necessary to withdraw cash in advance. Spontaneous orders at our depot are not accepted.


Q: How can I return products

A: Individuals cannot return chemical products without giving a reason within 14 days after receiving the order. We do not return chemical products, we do this because we are trained to send and pack hazardous substances and are aware of the regulations for the shipping of hazardous substances.

Private individuals are not allowed to simply send chemical products by post and therefore cannot simply return them. We only take chemical products back in exceptional cases and in consultation. The costs of this can possibly be charged to the customer.

If the chemical products have not yet been shipped, you can of course cancel the order free of charge, after which a refund will be made within 7 days.

Q: What kind of packaging are the chemical products packed in?

A: We only pack our chemical products in approved packaging, for hazardous substances these are UN-approved.

All our packaging that contains chemicals is provided with a seal, so you can be sure that you are the first to open the product and that you are guaranteed the quality you order.

Unlike many competitors, we do not save on packaging and we do not package our chemicals in candy buckets or other cheap unapproved packaging like many competitors do.


Q: How do I know the purity of a chemical and what else is in it?

A: The analysis of the product is stated on all our packaging, here you will find all information regarding the purity and possible impurities. We can also provide you with the analysis certificate on request.

All our products have a certified purity with batch number so that it can be traced when and how the product was analyzed.


Q: How come Labdiscounter is so cheap with their private label products?

A: Because we have low overhead costs and purchase in large quantities, we can keep our prices low. We also believe that chemicals do not have to be expensive. We always try to keep our price as competitive as possible, and are convinced that you will not find the same products with the same purity and packaging cheaper elsewhere.


Q: I have seen the same (chemical) products cheaper elsewhere, how is this possible?

A: Many sellers do not package their chemical products to legal standards and try to package it as cheaply as possible. Also, many sellers, knowingly or unknowingly, do not properly store their products or do not ship them according to the rules. Storage and packaging of chemicals is very expensive, because we adhere to all legal obligations regarding storage and packaging of chemicals, it may be that we are sometimes slightly more expensive than the competition.


Q: My (our) products have not arrived whole, will I (we) receive replacement products?

A: Of course, products offered to you in broken condition will be sent to you again for free. Certain products do deviate from this rule.

For glassware, we use packaging that contains more than 1 piece that can cause 5% breakage during transport. For example, a box of 100 test tubes, we find a break of 5 pieces during transport acceptable and will not send a replacement packaging for this.

For broken packaging of chemicals we will always send new packaging free of charge. Always report broken packaging as soon as possible!

If, before opening the box, you feel that the packaging is broken, please open the box carefully in a place where the chemicals cannot end up in the environment and contact us immediately.


Q: I am looking for chemical products but cannot find what I am looking for

A: Many chemical products have synonyms, which can make it difficult to find products because many suppliers refer to them with another synonym. In this case, it is best to search by CAS number. A CAS number is a type of identification number of a substance that is always the same regardless of synonym. The CAS number can often be found on Wikipedia or any other professional website where chemicals are sold.

It is also possible that we do not sell the product you are looking for, not all products in our range are on the website or have yet to be added, you can always contact us to ask if we have the product in our range.


Q: I see different variants of the same substance that have the same purity, how is this possible?

A: We sell private label products but also products from other suppliers, so it may be that almost the same products have a completely different price. In this case, we recommend that you choose the cheapest variant. Our private label products are of the same quality or sometimes even higher than those of our suppliers.


Q: Do I get a higher discount if I order multiple units of the same product?

A: For most products in the private label category, a volume discount automatically applies, this is always mentioned under the price list. For higher discounts for large purchases, you can always contact us.


Q: At what times are you available?

A: We are available by phone on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 to 5 and on Fridays from 9 to 12. We are closed at weekends and cannot be reached by phone. We can be reached after closing time via live chat and e-mail. In case of a chat request after closing time or during the weekend, always leave your e-mail address or telephone number in the chat, so that we can contact you if we are not able to respond in time. If you have created an account, you can also easily contact us via our ticket system, which you can find in your account.

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